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About Us

Every home reflects style and personality of the person living in it. At Janki Collection, we know this which is why we take every little and big space of home seriously and make best use of our designing capabilities, skillful craftsmen and experience to deliver you premium piece of furniture to decorate your home as per your taste, style and need.

Our brand 'Jodhpur Crafter' is based on the idea that it requires skill and hard work to create best furniture pieces which is why we use skill of Jodhpuri craftsmen and make available designer furniture pieces on a global platform. Creation of 4 Seater Dining Table, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Chair, Wooden Book Shelves, Wooden Office Chair, Bar Chair and a plethora of other furniture pieces takes place in our unit, which is located in Sangaria Industrial Area of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

It was more than a decade back in the year 2007 when Mr. Vivek Sharma formed the company as a manufacturer and an exporter with sole purpose to meet furniture needs of customers pertaining to design, functionality and price. We successfully fulfill modern customers' needs for uniquely designed, highly functional and economically priced furniture.

Keeping Track On Everything for Customers' Benefit

Our company works for benefiting customers in many ways like making available designer furniture, manufacturing customized furniture and charging competitive rates for designer pieces of furniture. But these are simple things we do for customer's benefit. There are also complex things, which we do to benefit our customers. Amongst the big list, keeping track of everything new in technology and design is worth mentioning. We study in detail about what is new in the furniture industry (design, finish and dimension), what is good for customers and apply every new thing in our product range to give best to our customers.

Why is Our Company Worth Dealing?
  • Quality Furniture- Janki Collection is second to none when it comes to investing money in best furniture pieces like Dining Room Furniture, Wooden Bed, 4 Seater Dining Table and more because all pieces are quality made.
  • Track Record of Excellence- From our foundation till now, we have never received a negative response for any of our product because along with quality production, we focus on clear deals.
  • Globally Present- Our company is present globally. 20% from the total furniture production is exported in different parts of the world.